January 2017 Posts

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Audit Your PBN with Deep Crawling and Improve Quality

Once you set up your PBN your number one priority is to keep it safe and continue working on improving authority and quality. Your PBN is your asset – you can rent out guest posts, you can build quality backlinks to your clients’ sites. and the worst thing that might happen, your PBN loses authority and worse, gets deindexed.

There are many metrics recommended to monitor in order to ensure the quality, but most of them are the main metrics and hosting metrics. And lots of what Google considers an attribute of the quality site can only measure it by auditing the site.

RankWyz deep crawling automatically crawl your sites and PBN blogs, extracting  page data – title, keywords, body, canonical URL, etc; checks all links and images, internal and external; daily check for new pages and automatically call them; calculate metrics to identify problems – missing important tags, thin content, duplicate titles,  duplicate content, etc; check indexing for individual pages and enables you to set up automatic back linking for all non-indexed pages.

This is our first release, and we have the roadmap to improve deep crawling – search and replace content, remove broken links, etc

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