February 2017 Posts

RW Daily#18: How to Increase Authority Flow with Relevancy Stacking

Everyone knows how important relevancy for both, on-page and off-page optimization. Nobody will build backlinks nowadays from irrelevant content, like you will not expect any ranking boost to your dog training site if you post links from auto-insurance content. But when it comes to a lower tier backlinks you should remember that rule is the same and if you want to give a relevancy boost to your PBN or another tier 1 properties you better post the content as relevant as possible to the topic.

In this episode, I will explain the concept of the relevancy stacking in details and show how you can setup your RankWyz campaigns to utilize relevancy stacking.


RW Daily#17: Capitalize on Your PBN’s Backlinking Profile

One probably the most unutilized asset for any PBN owner is existing backlinking profile. The domains you have in your PBN have a good metrics exactly because they have good backlinks and the simplest way to give your PBN an authority boost is to start backlinking “good backlinks”.

Exactly same true is for money sites, yours or your clients when you are planning link building campaign – the easiest way is to start with building themed and relevant backlinks to your backlinks.

The only drawback is that the process may be quite time-consuming, especially when you have many domains and adding more on the regular basis.

In this episode, I will demo how with RankWyz link building automation you only need to setup the campaign once and let system building relevant backlinks day after day based on your setup.

RW Daily #16: How to Achieve The Perfect Anchor Text Distribution

Anchor text distribution became a major part of off page SEO after Google released first Penguin update. Overnight everything that SEOs were striving for many years – placing as many exact-match anchors as possible, became a bad practice.

What is anchor text distribution, is there such thing as an ideal anchor text distribution and if there any guidelines you can check (and possibly adjust) your campaigns?
In this episode, we discuss the topic and I will demonstrate how you can user RankWyz to quickly determine “the perfect” anchor text distribution for your niche.



The episode uses great case study by Matt Diggity – How Penguin 4.0 Has Affected Anchor Text Optimization

RW Daily#15: RankWyz for Easy Blog Networks (EBN) Users

RW Daily #14: RankWyz for a Local SEO

Local SEO while is being a subset of general SEO knowledge and SEO practice, has many own rules, targets, and goals. And specific goals require specific tactics helping to achieve them in the most efficient way.

Local SEO is dealing with relatively low competition, but the search and click volume is also low – winning few clicks a day from the competition may dramatically change the results. Especially, considering that conversion is primarily happen offline and the value of business transaction can be easily in hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In this episode, I show how you can manage your Local SEO clients with RankWyz and our plans for adding more benefits for Local SEO professionals