February 2017 Posts

SW Daily#11: Shadow Domains – How to Add a Blog to a Site You Have No Control

Consider typical scenario – a new client agreed to give a try your SEO services and now you are looking to an old, 3 pages site, thinking how to rank it for multiple locations?  Once you have an established relationship you probably will convince the business owner to setup a blog or add more content on the site, but not likely at the very beginning.

In this episode, I will show how you can utilize  SiteWyz’s Shadow Domain technology to add pages to the site and start link building … if you have no access to the client’s site.

SW Daily #10: How to Build a PBN with 10,000 Sub-domains


RW Daily#13: ContentMill – How to Randomize Your Content

When we set up a  ContentBucket for our campaigns one important factor is often neglected – It’s very important to have your content not only be highly relevant but also have a randomized template. You don’t want all your articles to look exactly the same – image, text, video, text.

In this episode, I share simple tricks that will help you to avoid all articles in your campaign looking exactly the same, which can be considered a footprint.

SW Daily#9: How to Increase Trust Flow of Your PBN

Every PBN owner wants to keep authority of the network as long as possible without dropping metrics and Trust Flow is one of the most trusted metrics representing the value of your domains.

Trust Flow of your PBN almost inevitably will be dropping over time, because your domains will be losing high TF backlinks. And to keep your metrics you need new backlinks from other high Trust Flow resources. You can buy PBN links from other vendors, but that would be quite an expensive way…. Or you can use the method I discuss in this episode.

SW Daily#8: Keep Your PBN Content Fresh – Update Existing Posts

It’s known fact that Google favors fresh content. If content is not updated long enough it be losing the authority and ranking.

I’m sure you update your main sites regularly and strongly advise your clients do the same.
But it’s pretty much hard to impossible doing the same for your PBN – who has time logging every blog once a week to update the content.

Now you can include simple shortcodes in your content, that will not only be replaced by relevant text, image, video or news; but, more important – this snippet will be automatically refreshed every 7 days. You make a post today and a year from now it still have fresh snippet of recently published news.. How cool is that!!!

Code Examples:

[code:image keyword=”yoga”]
[code:text keyword=”yoga” wordcount=”500″]
[code:video keyword=”yoga”]
[code:news keyword=”toronto” attribution=”true” nofollow=”true” wordcount=”500″]