March 2017 Posts

RW Daily #21: How to Remove Client’s Links from Your PBN

When your client stopped using your services, the most effective way to show him the value of the work you did is to remove his links from your network. All the results you helped him to achieve over time will be gone and he would have to start all over again, back from where he was many months ago or reconsider the decision and continue with your services.

RankWyz provides an easy solution helping you to find all posts with the link to a specific domain from your network, whether you have 5, 50 or 500 blogs in the network, the process is the same. Once you find all posts you may either edit them on the blog, from RankWyz or delete posts.


Plugin to install:

WordPress REST API (v2)

RW Daily#20: Hands-Off SEO for Amazon Listings

Announcing new functionality for our members who have an e-commerce store on Amazon and looking to setup and effective link building campaigns to promote and increase search engine visibility for stores, products, and product reviews.

SW Daily#13: One-Click Email Forwarding for Your PBN

Now with one click, you can enable forwarding of email sent your PBN domain to your profile’s email.
Simply use “” email at your registrar and never miss an email without using privacy protection and tons of forwarded email accounts.

SW Daily#12: One-Click HTTPS Activation for Your PBN

Google announced moving towards considering HTTPS a ranking factor several years ago, but many studies confirmed that the factor was a very lightweight and the main reason was the fairly low adoption rate of HTTPS. The situation is changing year after year and in 2016 Google reported over 77% traffic coming to their servers was using HTTPS.

The cost and technical skills required to install certificates were the two major factors on the way to HTTPS adoption and the situation will drastically change this year with the wide-spread adoption of free SSL certificates. More and more hosting providers are announcing the support of free SSL certificates. The move to HTTPS rapidly becoming an essential task for your PBN to be in the pack with the rest of the sites migrating from HTTP protocol.

Today we are launching one-click HTTPS activation for your PBN. You don’t need to deal with any technical complexities of issuing and installing certificates, the only thing you need to do is to click the button “Enforce HTTPS”. As simple as that…


RW Daily#19: SuperCharge Your IFTTT Networks with RankWyz

I’m extremely excited and proud to announce – RankWyz is now on IFTTT

With IFTTT and Zapier integrations you can connect RankWyz with dozens if not hundreds of services – wordpress, facebook, tumblr, blogger and many others to automatically backlink and/or bookmark any new post.

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT you sure will be amazed, by how many recipes they have available for all areas of modern digital life and for SEO specifically the best resource is IFTTT SEO Academy by Bradley Benner and Semantic Mastery team.