April 2017 Posts

How to Increase Relevancy with Duplicate Content

Content relevancy is extremely important nowadays for an SEO success not only for the main site you want to rank but also for every property in your network.

And “generic” relevancy is not good enough any longer – you cannot expect to have your blog ranking or even getting into the index for any “toronto dentist” related terms by posting generic dentist content. And if Google is not ranking your blog for anything “toronto dentist” related – the blog is not gaining any niche authority.

In this episode, I show how you can build your content strategy by re-using content snippets from the multiple sources that already known to Google as extremely relevant to your niche – news, social updates, videos and relevant reviews from yelp, yellow pages, amazon, imdb, etc

How to Find Link Opportunities to Rank Higher

According to moz.com, the linking signals are now contributing to close to 30% of overall ranking factors, leading by far other signals – citations, business reviews and social signals combined.
While it is extremely important keeping the eye on the new signals we must never forget about the cornerstone of Google algorithm – backlinks.
When you analyze your client site to see how you can improve ranking, with a very high probability the sites, that are ranking higher have more and better quality back links.

In today’s episode, I will show step-by-step the process of creating a list of backlinks opportunities, and with RankWyz – it will only take you a couple of minutes.


SW Daily#17: How to Build Your Lead Generation Network

We build PBNs in order to promote ours or our clients’ sites higher in search engines – build a network of niche authority properties and then use them for relevant and authority backlinks… Very often though we have as a side effect our network having hundreds and thousands of indexed pages, ranking for many long-tail keywords and brings a real traffic.

In fact, with the all recent directions, Google is moving with RankBrain the ranking and traffic are essential for a good blog network.

In today’s episode, I will show how you can turn your network into Lead Generation Network, capturing every visitor coming from the search engine. This may be an additional strategy for your PBN and may even become your primary strategy for lead generation and sales.


SW Daily #16: How to Add Your Pop-ups and Banners on Most Popular Sites

In today’s episode, I demonstrate another application for SiteWyz shadow domains. With just a few clicks you can create a copy of most popular sites and add your own widgets – email subscribe, lead generation, content locker, etc.