May 2017 Posts

RW Daily#29: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 3

The article title is an extremely important from both readability and SEO perspective and we cannot talk about building better and more relevant content without improving on the relevancy of titles.  With the latest ContentMill improvements we now able creating virtually unlimited number of unique and yet very targeted titles.

RW Daily#28: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 2

We have added extremely easy and elegant way of adding hundreds of relative questions for every topic in your Content Mill. Now the system will be able collect hundredfold more and better content and increase the variety of generated content

RW Daily#27: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 1

Part 1 of 4 videos about improvements we made with ContentMill, bringing it to the next level in generating highly targeted and relevant content for your SEO campaigns. Relevance is as much, and some believe even more, important as Authority, but while authority is considered very seriously by anyone doing SEO, the importance of relevance is still mostly ignored.

SW Daily#18: Do Expired Domains Still Work in 2017

There are a lot of discussions lately whether expired or auctioned domains still give any advantage over freshly registered domains or the time is gone. Some even say that the PBN on new domains is the only strategy moving forward.

In the current episode, I will explain why the authority of the domain itself is no long a determining factor, but, with the right strategy, you still build a good authority PBN much faster using domains with pre-existing backlinking profile, ie dropped or auctioned.