June 2017 Posts

RW Daily #33: 10 Ways to Optimize for a RankBrain with WyzTraffic

Google is moving quickly to use visitor activities and interactions as a major way of assigning the value to the link. Domain metrics are important, niche relevant content is important, but without visitor activities (known as a RankBrain) Google is going to simply ignore these links.
Simulating interactions is going to be a major part of SEO moving forward and in this episode, I show 10 different ways you can use RankWyz with WyzTraffic to automated different types of activities and interactions.



RW Daily #32: The Third Pillar of SEO – WyzTraffic

While links are still the most important ranking factor, the value of the link is rapidly changing as visitor behavior analysis (ie RankBrain) becoming more and more important. According to Google RankBrain is currently third major ranking factor and is definitely will grow more and more important.

Adding visits and interactions as value multiplier to the links, Google is looking to finally tame link building – if a link doesn’t bring traffic or page linking to your site has not visits and interactions – the link will have no value. This is exactly Google’s strategy to kill PBNs – with the release of Penguin 4 Google is no longer penalizing links, they are ignoring them. Without a traffic and interactions, links will have no value.

RankWyz offers best in the industry solution for a targeted, ultra-relevant content, for authority building and monitoring and now we are introducing WyzTraffic – the solution to bring visits and interactions to your SEO properties.


RW Daily#31: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 5

Everybody knows how important content relevancy for modern SEO is, it’s been confirmed many times over by Google and many independent tests. In other words, the link’s value is in direct proportion to how close topics of two articles are. After Penguin update links from insurance articles are at the best, not considered beneficial to promote dentist’s site and today, almost 4 years later, a general similarity is not any longer good enough to be considered relevant. Article topic, or a context, mostly replaced an anchor text and, if you want to promote a site or a page for “game of thrones”,  you need to place a link in the content Google considered highly relevant.

RankWyz is the only service that allows automatically “discover” topics of the URL you want to build links to and select the best relevant content. In this episode, I will explain the concept of “relevancy stacking” and, more important, demonstrate how you can use it for your campaigns.

RW Daily#30: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 4

Everyone talks about using LSI keywords and a simple search returns you more than enough information the get familiar with the idea and why it is important for SEO.  But it’s not as easy if you are looking for a practical step by step recommendations on how to use LSI keywords to build a relevant content, especially when it comes to automatically generated content. In fact, the low effectiveness of automated content can be directly attributed to a low LSI relevancy.

In this episode, I not only explain what the LSI stands for but also show how you can configure ContentMill to generate a content with the high LSI relevancy.