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SW Daily#13: One-Click Email Forwarding for Your PBN

Now with one click, you can enable forwarding of email sent your PBN domain to your profile’s email.
Simply use “info@yourdomain.com” email at your registrar and never miss an email without using privacy protection and tons of forwarded email accounts.

SW Daily#12: One-Click HTTPS Activation for Your PBN

Google announced moving towards considering HTTPS a ranking factor several years ago, but many studies confirmed that the factor was a very lightweight and the main reason was the fairly low adoption rate of HTTPS. The situation is changing year after year and in 2016 Google reported over 77% traffic coming to their servers was using HTTPS.

The cost and technical skills required to install certificates were the two major factors on the way to HTTPS adoption and the situation will drastically change this year with the wide-spread adoption of free SSL certificates. More and more hosting providers are announcing the support of free SSL certificates. The move to HTTPS rapidly becoming an essential task for your PBN to be in the pack with the rest of the sites migrating from HTTP protocol.

Today we are launching one-click HTTPS activation for your PBN. You don’t need to deal with any technical complexities of issuing and installing certificates, the only thing you need to do is to click the button “Enforce HTTPS”. As simple as that…


RW Daily#17: Capitalize on Your PBN’s Backlinking Profile

One probably the most unutilized asset for any PBN owner is existing backlinking profile. The domains you have in your PBN have a good metrics exactly because they have good backlinks and the simplest way to give your PBN an authority boost is to start backlinking “good backlinks”.

Exactly same true is for money sites, yours or your clients when you are planning link building campaign – the easiest way is to start with building themed and relevant backlinks to your backlinks.

The only drawback is that the process may be quite time-consuming, especially when you have many domains and adding more on the regular basis.

In this episode, I will demo how with RankWyz link building automation you only need to setup the campaign once and let system building relevant backlinks day after day based on your setup.

RW Daily#15: RankWyz for Easy Blog Networks (EBN) Users

SW Daily#11: Shadow Domains – How to Add a Blog to a Site You Have No Control

Consider typical scenario – a new client agreed to give a try your SEO services and now you are looking to an old, 3 pages site, thinking how to rank it for multiple locations?  Once you have an established relationship you probably will convince the business owner to setup a blog or add more content on the site, but not likely at the very beginning.

In this episode, I will show how you can utilize  SiteWyz’s Shadow Domain technology to add pages to the site and start link building … if you have no access to the client’s site.