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RW Daily#30: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 4

Everyone talks about using LSI keywords and a simple search returns you more than enough information the get familiar with the idea and why it is important for SEO.  But it’s not as easy if you are looking for a practical step by step recommendations on how to use LSI keywords to build a relevant content, especially when it comes to automatically generated content. In fact, the low effectiveness of automated content can be directly attributed to a low LSI relevancy.

In this episode, I not only explain what the LSI stands for but also show how you can configure ContentMill to generate a content with the high LSI relevancy.

RW Daily#29: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 3

The article title is an extremely important from both readability and SEO perspective and we cannot talk about building better and more relevant content without improving on the relevancy of titles.  With the latest ContentMill improvements we now able creating virtually unlimited number of unique and yet very targeted titles.

RW Daily#28: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 2

We have added extremely easy and elegant way of adding hundreds of relative questions for every topic in your Content Mill. Now the system will be able collect hundredfold more and better content and increase the variety of generated content

RW Daily#27: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 1

Part 1 of 4 videos about improvements we made with ContentMill, bringing it to the next level in generating highly targeted and relevant content for your SEO campaigns. Relevance is as much, and some believe even more, important as Authority, but while authority is considered very seriously by anyone doing SEO, the importance of relevance is still mostly ignored.

How to Increase Relevancy with Duplicate Content

Content relevancy is extremely important nowadays for an SEO success not only for the main site you want to rank but also for every property in your network.

And “generic” relevancy is not good enough any longer – you cannot expect to have your blog ranking or even getting into the index for any “toronto dentist” related terms by posting generic dentist content. And if Google is not ranking your blog for anything “toronto dentist” related – the blog is not gaining any niche authority.

In this episode, I show how you can build your content strategy by re-using content snippets from the multiple sources that already known to Google as extremely relevant to your niche – news, social updates, videos and relevant reviews from yelp, yellow pages, amazon, imdb, etc