SiteWyz Daily Posts

SW Daily#18: Do Expired Domains Still Work in 2017

There are a lot of discussions lately whether expired or auctioned domains still give any advantage over freshly registered domains or the time is gone. Some even say that the PBN on new domains is the only strategy moving forward.

In the current episode, I will explain why the authority of the domain itself is no long a determining factor, but, with the right strategy, you still build a good authority PBN much faster using domains with pre-existing backlinking profile, ie dropped or auctioned.

SW Daily#17: How to Build Your Lead Generation Network

We build PBNs in order to promote ours or our clients’ sites higher in search engines – build a network of niche authority properties and then use them for relevant and authority backlinks… Very often though we have as a side effect our network having hundreds and thousands of indexed pages, ranking for many long-tail keywords and brings a real traffic.

In fact, with the all recent directions, Google is moving with RankBrain the ranking and traffic are essential for a good blog network.

In today’s episode, I will show how you can turn your network into Lead Generation Network, capturing every visitor coming from the search engine. This may be an additional strategy for your PBN and may even become your primary strategy for lead generation and sales.


SW Daily #16: How to Add Your Pop-ups and Banners on Most Popular Sites

In today’s episode, I demonstrate another application for SiteWyz shadow domains. With just a few clicks you can create a copy of most popular sites and add your own widgets – email subscribe, lead generation, content locker, etc.


SW Daily#15: How to Build Authority Centers in Your Network

If you don’t get the results from your SEO network – PBN, web2, social, etc the first thing you need to look at is – if you have a process of building niche authority centers in your network. Times, when pre-existing domain authority you acquire with dropped domain was good enough, is rapidly becoming a history.

You need to build a niche authority and it can be achieved with relevant niche content, internal linking structure to facilitate authority flow to your centers, relevant and contextual backlinks and regularly updated content in your authority centers.

In today’s episode, I discuss the process and how you can setup it with your network to maximize the results and built high authority network.


SW Daily#14: How to Add and Utilize Sub-domains on the Client’s Site

Sub-domain is a great SEO strategy and whenever you have no option adding content to the client site or simply don’t want to add “too technical” content on the main site you can and should utilize sub-domains. Sub-domains treated as a separate entity with own indexing and ranking, but they all contribute to the aggregated authority of the domain. To rank for highly competitive terms you need to establish a “niche relevancy” or, in another word, rank for as many long-tail, low competition, but high relevancy keywords.

With sub-domains, you can target fine-grained sub-niches, monitor them growing authority (indexing, ranking) and, once ready, link them up to the main domain or use 301 to redirect a sub-domain to root or inner page of the main site.

SiteWyz enables our members adding sub-domains hosted outside of SiteWyz, essentially you can start adding sub-domains to your or your client’s sites, post content and grow overall authority of the domain.