RW Daily #22: How to Evaluate Domains in Your PBN- When The Blog is Ready for a Link

The extremely important topic for anyone who is building PBN’s or creates other SEO properties, like Web2 or other types, in order to be later on utilized for a link bulk building is at what point in time you with the high confidence can place the link without putting your or your client’s site in danger.

How can you tell with a high confidence that the blog in your PBN is ready for the link? Of course, you can place a link the very same day as you found a good domain and added it to your PBN. But do you want to face a risk of having a negative effect on your or your client’s site? As you know, the link might have a positive, neutral and negative results and after all the effort you put in your PBN – the time, the money – you don’t want all and up with no results for your site or worst – and negative result.

It is a very popular question on any SEO forums, Facebook SEO groups and you can find a lot of resources explaining how to evaluate domains. But they all related to the process of choosing expired or auctioned domains for your PBN. Once you selected a domain with a good history and good backlinks and profile, registered and added to your PBN – is it a safe to place a link?

In this episode, I will explain the process that will guarantees that every link from your PBN will be an asset and how to set up and monitor the process.