RW Daily #32: The Third Pillar of SEO – WyzTraffic

While links are still the most important ranking factor, the value of the link is rapidly changing as visitor behavior analysis (ie RankBrain) becoming more and more important. According to Google RankBrain is currently third major ranking factor and is definitely will grow more and more important.

Adding visits and interactions as value multiplier to the links, Google is looking to finally tame link building – if a link doesn’t bring traffic or page linking to your site has not visits and interactions – the link will have no value. This is exactly Google’s strategy to kill PBNs – with the release of Penguin 4 Google is no longer penalizing links, they are ignoring them. Without a traffic and interactions, links will have no value.

RankWyz offers best in the industry solution for a targeted, ultra-relevant content, for authority building and monitoring and now we are introducing WyzTraffic – the solution to bring visits and interactions to your SEO properties.