RW Daily #35: LinkVault + WyzTraffic = CTR Automation

Today we added the exciting functionality that will benefit pretty much any SEO Campaign and is a result of another integration between our new modules LinkVault and WyzTraffic.

CTR Simulation is known for many years, it used to be an extremely simple way of improving ranking – search for a keyword, find your site, click-through and send big G a signal to your site rank higher.

Over years CTR simulation was saturated, not as effective and known for penalties if abused.

RankWyz implements a revolutionary way of CTR Simulation based on everything we know about RankBrain – we track hundreds and thousands of your tier 1 properties for hundreds and thousands of keywords and now you can automatically, every day send them to a WyzTraffic campaign to search, click-through and stay and move up to your money site.

The essence of RankBrain is – the value of the link is in direct proportion with visitors activities on the page and the site., this is why high traffic citation sites, even with no follow links, even with redirect links, help to improve ranking.

Now you can send both Visit and Click-through to your Money site traffic and Search and click through to your T1 properties and keep or increase the value of your backlinks.