RW Daily#31: Building Better, More Relevant Content – Part 5

Everybody knows how important content relevancy for modern SEO is, it’s been confirmed many times over by Google and many independent tests. In other words, the link’s value is in direct proportion to how close topics of two articles are. After Penguin update links from insurance articles are at the best, not considered beneficial to promote dentist’s site and today, almost 4 years later, a general similarity is not any longer good enough to be considered relevant. Article topic, or a context, mostly replaced an anchor text and, if you want to promote a site or a page for “game of thrones”,  you need to place a link in the content Google considered highly relevant.

RankWyz is the only service that allows automatically “discover” topics of the URL you want to build links to and select the best relevant content. In this episode, I will explain the concept of “relevancy stacking” and, more important, demonstrate how you can use it for your campaigns.