RW Daily#34: LinkVault – Manage, Analyze and Strengthen Your Backlinks

Link building nowadays is as much as about taking care of existing Tier 1 Properties as about adding new backlinks.
While new backlinks are very important, we should not forget that if we not backlinking existing properties (link velocity, relevant content, Google bots) and not bringing interruptions (RankBrain) the value of our existing Tier 1 will go down.

RankWyz re-introduces LinkVaults – now you can organize, monitor and strengthen all your Tier1 properties: social profiles, local directories & citations, press releases, high authority guest posts, purchased PBN links, etc, etc

If you don’t backlink your Tier1 – its value will go down. If there are no user activities and click-throughs on your Tier1 – its value will go down.

With LinkVault you can verify (and re-verify later as needed) your properties and see if they are alive and still have a link pointing to your site, check all important metrics of the domains (Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SemRush), check if property indexed and ranking for your keywords.

More important, LinkVault allows automate many scenarios we all know we need to do, but don’t do because have no time

– backlink your Tier1 properties on your or shared networks (all, non-indexed, ranking, non-ranking)
– send random properties daily to your WyzTraffic campaign and bring activities and click-throughs
– send non-indexed properties to bulk-indexing services (coming)
– receive notification when some properties lost links to your site (coming) and see if your PBN / guest post vendors are removing links you paid for