SW Daily#14: How to Add and Utilize Sub-domains on the Client’s Site

Sub-domain is a great SEO strategy and whenever you have no option adding content to the client site or simply don’t want to add “too technical” content on the main site you can and should utilize sub-domains. Sub-domains treated as a separate entity with own indexing and ranking, but they all contribute to the aggregated authority of the domain. To rank for highly competitive terms you need to establish a “niche relevancy” or, in another word, rank for as many long-tail, low competition, but high relevancy keywords.

With sub-domains, you can target fine-grained sub-niches, monitor them growing authority (indexing, ranking) and, once ready, link them up to the main domain or use 301 to redirect a sub-domain to root or inner page of the main site.

SiteWyz enables our members adding sub-domains hosted outside of SiteWyz, essentially you can start adding sub-domains to your or your client’s sites, post content and grow overall authority of the domain.